Nishan Power Converters was founded in 1990 by Shri Shantilal Patel with a sole purpose to offer quality emergency backup power for households in Bhiwandi. 

The city used to face acute power failures and a need for alternative power source was felt.  With this purpose the company perfected delivered its first commercial inverter to run small electrical loads like tube lights and fans.

Nishan Power manufactures advanced DsPIC based Inverters, ALBS Inverters, Static Inverters, Static Voltage Stabilizers and Online UPS systems to suit diverse applications. Today the company offers complete power conditioning solutions made available to customers under one roof.

Today our purpose is to make every home or commercial establishment an energy efficient, comfortable and a safe place.  

Over the years the company have gained significant hard core, ground level experience in service and application solutions. With an impressive experience of meeting customer requirements under various challenging power conditions, Nishan Power Converters have successfully achieved prominence in many areas like alternative power, improving power efficiency, saving of power and host of other power related challenges.

Nishan Power Converters have a team of well qualified and experienced technicians to design, install and support for power conditioning or emergency power requirements.

Need help to design or install emergency power or power conditioning for your place please get in touch with us, we would be happy to help you get the best,

Nishan Power Converters

Opp MSRTC Depot, Agra Road, 

Bhiwandi, Thane – 421302