14 March 2021|Powermonk Static Stabilizers, Quikorrect, Solar offgrid Inverters, Voltage Regulators, Voltage Stabilizers

Understanding and implementing power-saving technologies can be your profit strategy.

With new technologies and products, it is possible to achieve huge power saving. Let’s ponder on the below 6 ways that can help to reduce ever-increasing power bills.

  1. Measurement brings results. A regular power consumption record can make us aware of power wastage happening in the premise. A routine record of weekly consumption can help to take power saving decisions. 
  2. Install automation to make smart lighting. Use proximity, temperature and light sensors that can switch off unwanted power wastes during unnecessary times. Today such smart switches commonly available can be installed in few minutes. Its just plug and play sort of devices. It is estimated that such smart switches have decreased electricity bills forever.
  3. Replace old lighting equipment. With the drop in prices of LED lighting, it’s time to replace old lighting with LED flat panels etc. LED lighting consumes one-fourth of power in comparison to conventional lamps and tube lights.
  4. Use maximum ambient light when designing spaces. Often we forget to communicate to interior designers or architects to incorporate power-saving elements while designing homes or offices. This small design consideration will save your energy bills by just using ambient light from the environment. For eg, I have witnessed considerable savings by installing air circulators at strategic locations in shops and offices instead of air conditioners.
  5. Generate your own solar energy. Since solar energy is abundantly available and required technology is in place, it’s time to consider your own solar generation to offset excess electrical energy units thereby keeping tariffs at lower billing slabs.
  6. Check input line voltages. Excessive line voltages could waste power, especially in factories and air-conditioning applications. High voltages are due to very low consumption by all consumers from the power grid. Since consumption is low, line voltages tend to shoot up. This high voltage increased unnecessary power wastages and consumption. The solution is to connect static voltage stabilizers. These stabilizers are very efficient voltage corrector. Typically 10 % of savings can be realised in electricity bills in many industrial areas. Nishan energies make specially designed static voltage stabilizers known as Quikorrect that helps in large savings in electricity bills continually